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Beautify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Coldfusion, SQL, and more in Atom

2683442 3787

Run code in Atom!

677374 1167
Haskell Ghc Mod

Provides backends for ide-haskell and autocomplete-haskell

114018 57
Ide Haskell

Haskell IDE

106897 113
Autocomplete Haskell

Autocomplete-plus provider for haskell

58847 64
Ide Haskell Cabal

Provides Cabal backend for ide-haskell

40755 24
Ide Haskell Repl

Haskell REPL support for ide-haskell

29720 18
Ide Haskell Hasktags

Hasktags-powered replacement for symbols-view on Haskell projects

7200 7
Haskell Pointfree

Convert selection to pointfree or pointful representation

5931 13
Haskell Hoogle

Lets you look up the marked text on via context menu, toolbar item and the exposed command haskell-hoogle:lookup.

5308 7
Ide Haskell Hoogle

Show hoogle information for symbol under cursor

1635 1
Haskell Debug

Implements a graphical haskell debugger in atom, using ghci.

1183 0
Hover Tooltips Hdevtools

Show types for identifiers in Haskell source, using hdevtools

1015 3
Haskell Unicode Snippets

Snippets for Haskell unicode operators

867 1
Ide Haskell Profiteurjs

Show GHC profiling results in Atom

535 0
Script Fudan

Run code in Atom without Chinese encoding errors!

515 2
Build Stack

Build stack packages in Atom with

494 1

Ligatures for code.

385 2
Hover Tooltips Liquid

Show liquid-types for identifiers in Haskell source

303 0

Provides syntax highlighting LiquidHaskell annotations

233 1
Haskell Nsis

Snippets for the Haskell NSIS package. Work in progress!

113 0
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