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Beautify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Coldfusion, SQL, and more in Atom

2683442 3787
Linter Gcc

Lint C and C++ source files using gcc / g++

123021 107
Gpp Compiler

Compile and run C and C++ within Atom

61319 41
Gcc Make Run

Compile-run C/C++ source code and execute Makefile in Atom.

18533 16
Switch Header Source

Quick switching between C/C++/Objective-C header and source files

16674 57

C++14 language support including new keywords, raw strings, digit separators, and binary literals

14834 19
Linter Cppcheck

A linter for Atom using Cppcheck

5669 12

CUDA C/C++ language support

4819 5
Cpp Refactor

C++ refactoring tool

3874 4

C/C++ Code Completion and Linting via LibClang for Atom Editor

3411 8
Formatter Clangformat

Formatter for C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, and Protobuf.

3387 1
Dbg Gdb

An interactive GDB debugger for Atom

2150 2

Arduino for Atom

2093 7
Cpp Generator

C++ File generator for Atom editor

1765 2
Visualdark Syntax

Dark, blue, white

1486 2
Jextious Syntax

A colorful yet readable theme based on the primary colors.

830 1
Build Cocos

Runs cocos comand to build cocos2d-x C++/Lua/Javascript projects

721 3
Gdb Debugger

GDB integration for Atom

705 4

A simple package for Atom, which allows you to run GNU ‘Make’ within the current working directory of the file open in the active Atom pane.

502 1
Platformio Ide Debugger

A debugging front-end for PlatformIO IDE

501 1
Windows Build Tools

Install C++ Build Tools for Windows using apm

459 1
Linter Cnew

Lint C and C++ source files using gcc or g++

374 2
Clang Tools Extra integration with clang-tools-extra

278 0
Dbg Arm None Eabi Gdb

A GDB debugger for ARM None EABI

84 0
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