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JavaScript ยป Ember


Handlebars support in Atom

39772 133
Ember Snippets

Ember.js ES6 Snippets for Atom

7164 23
Ember Tabs

Makes Atom work better with Ember pods.

5645 15
Ember Cli Helper

Ember CLI integration for Atom

5406 10
Ember Author Kit

Ember author tool kit for Atom

1530 2
Emberjs Atom

Atom autocompletions, snippets for emberjs

589 1

Emblem language for Atom

532 0

Atom Grammer Package for Ember Applications

201 1
Brunch With Atom

Atom package for Brunch

164 1
Ember Components

A convenient Atom package for Ember developers. See all controllers and components that are rendering your component. Currently only works with pods structure.

137 4
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