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Beautify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Coldfusion, SQL, and more in Atom

2683442 3787

The only TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

764816 623
Linter Htmlhint

A plugin for Atom Linter providing an interface to HTMLHint.

262157 565
Browser Plus

Browser Plus - Check FAQ

114414 200
Autocomplete Html Entities

An autocomplete-plus 2.0 provider for HTML entities.

51845 67
Markdown Preview Enhanced

One of the ‘BEST’ markdown preview extensions for Atom editor!

45845 116

Sublime Text-inspired HTML & XML Tag menu and functions. Close Tag (⌥⌘.)

35194 148
Linter Bootlint

Lint Bootstrap HTML on the fly, using bootlint.

33240 93

Bootstrap4 Support with snippets and autocompletion.

30788 42
Markdown Themeable Pdf

Themeable markdown converter (Print to PDF, HTML, JPEG or PNG)

28357 63
Double Tag

Faster HTML tag editing

17069 63
Formatter Jsbeautify

Formatter plugin adding a js-beautify interface to the Atom editor. Format and Reindent your Javascript (JS), JSX, JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, SASS, SCSS, LESS files

14625 9
Development Server

a development server for atom

13061 11
Jade Autocompile

Jade autocompiler for

9278 14
Html To Css

Generate CSS classes from HTML structure

9022 24
Wombat Dark Syntax

Wombat Atom Dark Syntax Theme. ( Python, GoLang, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, Markdown, PHP, HTML, CSS )

8257 10
Css Spy

A package to suggest CSS classes in HTML projects

8032 13
Ever Notedown

Edit Evernote notes in Atom with Markdown via AppleScript (OSX only currently)

6843 62
Formatter Jsbeautify

Formatter for Javascript, HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS.

6212 7
Pinegrow Atom

Enable live editing with Pinegrow Web Editor. Changes done in Pinegrow are synced to Atom and vice versa. Selecting element in Pinegrow highlights it in Atom. Pressing CTRL+ALT+P in Atom selects the active element in Pinegrow. Pinegrow 2.9 is required.

5881 5
Escape Utils

Encode/decode URLs, Base64 or escape HTML entites.

5375 27
Minimal Syntax

Light syntax theme, high contrast/low brightness, three primary colors, easy on the eyes

5109 5

Syntax highlighting for the Marko templating language

4955 5
Text Manipulation

A set of text manipulation commands: escape/unscape, convert tabs to spaces and back, base64 encode/decode, convert between case styles, compute hashes, etc

4647 18

Atom snippets for Semantic UI

4042 13
Wombat Light Syntax

Wombat Atom Light Syntax Theme. ( Python, GoLang, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, Markdown, PHP, HTML, CSS )

3916 3
Html Head Snippets

HTML <head> snippets for Atom

2815 7
Selector To Tag

Create HTML tag elements using CSS selectors in HTML files

2814 24
Minimal Syntax Dark

Dark version of minimal-syntax

2563 3
Html To Elm

Convert selected html to elm

2494 6
Lazy Light Syntax

Lazy Atom Light Syntax Theme. (PHP, JavaScript, HTML)

2426 5
Formatter Tidy

Formatter for HTML, XML.

2363 6
Slontech Syntax

Dark theme for web developers ( HTML, CSS/LESS, PHP, MYSQL, javascript, AJAX, coffee, JSON )

2181 3
Hyrule Atom

Hyrule from SublimeText ported to Atom. A pair dynamic greens along with a soothing orange, and an addictive yellow make up the main palette of Hyrule. Well-chosen background and primary text colors leave a developer’s eyes fit for another day of study. Works very well in Java, Go, JavaScript, and HTML.

1248 2
Improved Asp Html

Improved ASP Classic Grammar and Snippets

1209 3
Typescript Zh Backticks

The only TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

1185 0

Convert HTML to JavaScript

873 4
Autoclose Tags

Close html-like tags in all files, all the time.

851 3
Jextious Syntax

A colorful yet readable theme based on the primary colors.

830 1
Svg Icon Snippets

Simple snippets for adding SVGs in HTML using Atom

740 1
Html Template Generator

HTML template generator for Atom text editor

723 3
Gazizza Syntax

A light and colorful syntax theme

662 0
Source Preview Markdown

source-preview provider for Markdown.

487 1
Typescript Beta

The only TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

421 0
Fresh Dark Syntax

A dark and fresh syntax theme for web development

410 0

A atom package that helps copying code to html website or markdown.

380 3
Linter Spell Html

HTML spell checking using linter-spell.

366 0
Skthreeltn Syntax

Use this colorful syntax theme with your eyes closed.

357 0
Web Accessibility Checker

Web Accessibility checker which evaluate some defined WCAG rules instantly during coding or on command.

288 2
Simply Django Atom

Django framework extended support for Atom

269 0

Quick HTML templates to start your project

252 0
Popsicles Syntax

A colorful syntax theme which works with css, scss, less, html, php, js, md…

234 0
Oaxaca Syntax

A minimal syntax theme for Atom

224 0

The only other TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

167 0
Brunch With Atom

Atom package for Brunch

164 1

Encode and decode umlauts in Atom without destroying HTML

144 0
Self Closing Tag

Deletes closing HTML tag if you self-close the corresponding opening tag.

143 0

A port of Toothpaste with more flavor.

116 0
Paste Table

Allows pasting of tab separated text into html documents

88 0
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