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Linter Csslint

Lint CSS on the fly, using csslint

283815 825
Github Atom Light Syntax

GitHub’s official light syntax theme as an atom theme

37494 34

Beautify your CSS using CSSBeautify

11482 10
Editor Background

Background image / animation changer. Change your mood by changing what you looking at most of the time. Background changer with some additional readability improvement and a lot of features…

11148 44
Colorblind Wombat Dark Syntax

A syntax theme designed for colorblind people. Special attention paid to css, javascript, json, markdown, php, and python.

10628 12

Colorpicker package for atom.

9921 7
Html To Css

Generate CSS classes from HTML structure

9022 24
Wombat Dark Syntax

Wombat Atom Dark Syntax Theme. ( Python, GoLang, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, Markdown, PHP, HTML, CSS )

8257 10
Css Spy

A package to suggest CSS classes in HTML projects

8032 13
Css Specificity

Show the specificity of selectors in a CSS file in Atom

4088 8
Wombat Light Syntax

Wombat Atom Light Syntax Theme. ( Python, GoLang, Angular, Javascript, NodeJS, Markdown, PHP, HTML, CSS )

3916 3
Github Atom Dark Syntax

GitHub’s official dark syntax theme as an atom theme

2851 6
Selector To Tag

Create HTML tag elements using CSS selectors in HTML files

2814 24

Format your CSS using stylefmt

2596 31

Format your CSS using cssfmt

2441 7

Minify CSS with CSSO

2144 2

Minify CSS with cssnano.

1392 3
To Basesixfour

Converts any data (also https? content) to base64, furthermore it creates different views like Data URI if possible.

1088 4
Flexbox Snippets

CSS Flexbox snippets for Atom

1039 7
Css Skeleton Maker

It will automatically generate a css selector related to your html.

993 1
Css Edit Groups

Jump to CSS @group markers like CSSEdit.

878 4
Css Color Name

Autocomplete of css predefined color names

816 3

Write your color variables in more humanized way

669 12
Gazizza Syntax

A light and colorful syntax theme

662 0
Build Stylus

Atom Build provider for stylus, compiles Stylus

524 0

Tachyon Support with snippets and autocompletion.

498 5
Cubic Bezier

Cubic Bezier curve: An easing function generator for Atom editor

372 2

Use Sass-like markup in your CSS

351 1
Csstree Validator

Validate CSS according to W3C specs and browser implementations

306 2
Css Triggers

Determine whether css triggers layout, paint, and composite.

288 2
Minify Stand Alone

Minify a js / css file without dependencies.

286 0
Source Preview Stylus

source-preview provider for Stylus.

277 0
Name That Color

Convert CSS hex code to human readable color name

263 0
Dw Beta Syntax

Based off of the dark theme in Dreamweaver

182 1
Map Queries

This is a little plugin for atom that maps media queries inside css files.

170 4

The only other TypeScript plugin you will ever need.

167 0
Css Helper Snippets


108 2

A little bag of CSS superpowers

91 1
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